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The Ramblers is a UK charity with the mission to create a Britain where everyone has the freedom to enjoy the outdoors on foot and benefits from the experience. With the future maintenance of paths under threat as Britain prepares to leave the EU, the charity needed help encouraging their audiences to become path protectors, and lobby their MP for an Agriculture Bill which protects and enhances public rights of way.

The Agriculture Bill, currently moving through the House of Commons, will bring in a raft of new legislation for the countryside to replace EU law, covering everything from direct payments for farmers to marketing standards. Concerned about the effect that the bill could have on public access to the countryside, The Ramblers wanted to inspire their audiences to lobby their MP directly, by email, and ask them to ensure that the Bill protects and enhances public access.

The charity engaged Manifesto to help identify the right channels and targeting to reach their audiences, construct a campaign journey which spoke to the passions of likely path protectors, and devise engaging content to drive visitors to the ‘Email your MP’ action.


What we did

We worked closely with the team at The Ramblers, using insight from their profiling research, along with our own knowledge of what works for clients in a similar space, to devise a campaign strategy to drive people from seven distinct audiences to email their MP.

This strategy involved using highly-targeted digital advertising to drive traffic to a Facebook Instant Experience which would educate the audience about the challenges facing Britain’s path network and the upcoming Agriculture Bill. We would then capture the details of engaged visitors as leads for The Ramblers via Facebook Lead ads, ensuring the campaign produced value beyond the signing into law of the Agriculture Bill.


Precision targeting

Manifesto proposed seven target audiences, and one remarketing audience to test in the early stages of the campaign:

• Core audience – based on The Ramblers YouGov profile.

• Outdoor hobbyists – people interested in outdoor pursuits like bird watching, trekking, hiking, nature/wildlife photography, who use paths as part of their activities.

• Outdoor adventurers – people who kayak, canoe, mountaineer, boulder etc, who use paths to get to their activities.

• Agriculture sector – people who work on the land.

• Green minded – people with an interest in environmentalism, wildlife, sustainability etc.

• Complementary organisations – people with an interest in National Trust, Woodland Trust, English Heritage etc.

• Warm audience – people who’ve visited The Ramblers website in the last 60 days, who follow The Ramblers on Facebook, or who have engaged with The Ramblers’ organic Facebook content.

Campaign and instant experience design

Facebook Instant Experience allows brands to create unique experiences for users made up of text, images, carousels, video, product feeds and more. Manifesto designed a journey for The Ramblers audiences which used inspiring outdoor imagery, in combination with video testimony from farmers and volunteers on the importance of Britain’s public footpaths, to drive users to take action.



We also designed a lockup and colour palette for the campaign that was aligned with The Ramblers’ brand, and which would endure throughout the process of drafting the Agriculture Bill and beyond.

Testing different ad formats

The campaign used video ads, instant experience ads and lead ads, allowing us to test the different formats with each of the seven audiences and then allocate the remaining budget according to where we saw the best response.


How it went

The campaign reached a total of a quarter of a million people, resulting in 3,470 emails to MPs asking them to ensure that public rights of way are preserved in the Agriculture Bill, beating the targeted number by 38%. In addition to these campaign actions, 1,219 leads were captured in Facebook, adding valuable new contacts to The Ramblers’ database of potential supporters.

And, beyond the immediate impact on the evolution of the Agriculture Bill, Manifesto also used the campaign data to generate numerous useful recommendations to inform future digital marketing activity, including which of the audiences was most likely to convert, which were the cheapest to reach via advertising, and how tracking and reporting can be optimised across channels.


How this helps us on your project

Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive sales, or simply build awareness, our experienced strategists can help you determine the right channels and targeting options to reach your audiences in a way that’s effective and economical. Our talented content designers can find the messages that resonate with the passions of your audiences, and present them in a way that’s not only engaging, but also drives valuable action.




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