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Creating a community of fundraisers for Swim22

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Swim22 is a sports challenge from Diabetes UK in which participants raise funds while swimming 22 miles – the breadth of the English Channel – between February and May.

Previous iterations of the fundraising event had seen decent participation and engagement but now, Diabetes UK were looking to raise the game by taking the challenge digital. They needed a platform which would encourage participants to sign up, engage them during the challenge, and encourage them in their fundraising efforts.

What we did

We built a platform that integrates with both Active Network – the activity and participant management software – and JustGiving – the online fundraising software – so that Diabetes UK could easily manage the event and so that participants could easily track their progress and set up their online fundraising.

The addition of gamification via achievement badges which were unlocked at crucial stages (first distance entered, half way mark etc) helped to keep participants engaged with the platform and more likely to complete the challenge.



How it went

At the time of writing, total fundraising stands at £200,000 which is 426% higher than 2014’s total of £38,000 and £100k over target.

Over 900 swimmers took part in 2015 (compared to 250 in 2014). They logged into the platform nearly 6,000 times and edited their distance more than 8,000 times.

Feedback from users has been really positive with many telling of how easier access to the Swim22 community kept them encouraged and motivated throughout the challenge.

Swim22 won a commendation at the 2015 Dadi Awards.

What this means for your project

We understand the challenge of engaging users over an extended period of time. Our user-focused approach and our expertise at integration with various software platforms means we’re well placed to create multi-layered experiences that keep users engaged and motivated to share.






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