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Telling the story of Luke Irwin’s new collection

Experience: Design and prototyping, Motion and immersive content

Established in 2003, Luke Irwin specialises in the design and manufacture of handmade, bespoke rugs of the highest quality. Luke Irwin rugs adorn the residences of, among others, Barack Obama and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The company wanted to share the incredible story behind the launch of their new Mosaic Collection of rugs, inspired by the Deverill Roman Villa, through original content distributed via digital channels.

What we did

We created a series of videos centred around a 10 minute documentary ‘hero’ video for Luke Irwin rugs which told how the discovery of a 1,800 year old Roman mosaic beneath Luke Irwin’s home in Wiltshire not only led to one of the most significant archaeological finds in 21st Century Britain but also inspired a new collection of luxury floor coverings based on the ancient mosaic designs.

As part of the project, we designed, modelled and animated a 3D rendered artist’s impression of the Roman villa based on archaeological surveys of the site around Luke’s home in peaceful Brixton Deverill.

How it went

The videos have so far received hundreds of thousands of organic views on YouTube and Facebook. They also helped Luke Irwin rugs gain national press coverage, including BBC News and Sky News, where parts of the ‘hero’ video and the 3D render featured in live broadcasts and across social media

How this helps us on your project

Our motion content production expertise means that we can help you tell the important stories behind your brand, sharing your passion to inspire positive action among your key audiences.



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