Expanding the reach of the internet

Experience: APIs and integration

WeFarm is a knowledge sharing platform for farmers without internet access which started life as a project of the Cafédirect Producers Foundation. Members can share farming tips, ask, answer and rate questions all via SMS. This is all translated  via a web based user interface and shared with farmers around the world.

What we did

Developed a responsive multi-lingual interface that calls on an API to display all SMS activity; enables farmers to replicate the SMS functions; and facilitates translations and user management.

How it went

In April 2014 we travelled to Kenya to undertake 3 days of user testing with farmers in the field which included live translations and answers from a team in Haiti.

we farm screen shot

The product was extremely well received. A wealth of feedback was gathered and fed back into the project. A soft launch in 4 languages in July 2014 was swiftly followed by a win in the Google Impact Challenge which guaranteed £500k of funding and support.

How this helps us on your project

Our experience of user testing on WeFarm has taught us a lot about delivering complex products to very specific audiences across oceans and language barriers.


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