Digital experience

Digital Experience

The digital experience is the beating heart of the 21st century brand. In a world where customers perform thousands of interactions every day only the great experiences can create an impression, tell a story and leave users wanting more.

At Manifesto we put the needs of users front and centre to create digital experiences that clients and customers love.



The best user experiences are built when the needs of users are clearly articulated, grouped and targeted. Through discovery and immersion workshops we’ll help you focus on delivering value to users to make digital products that work.

Strategy, Analysis, Planning

Winning campaigns don’t just set out to tick boxes. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop data-driven strategies that are geared towards user needs and business goals. We make sure value is added at every step along the road.


Beautiful visuals can bring a killer idea and a considered user experience to life. We like stretching our technical team to get the very best from the platforms and technologies we’re working with, whether desktop, tablet, mobile or cross-device.

Work Examples

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