Ramblers nominated for Campaign Tech Award

Campaign’s Tech Awards showcase and celebrate groundbreaking technology-driven collaborations in marketing and advertising. We’re delighted to announce that the awards panel has recognised our work with Ramblers on #YourPathAwaits with a nomination for Best Lead Generation Campaign.

We’re always delighted when we can help a client use new technology to reach and engage their audiences more effectively and, in the case of the Ramblers, inspire them to take positive action to protect Britain’s vital network of public paths. But this kind of industry recognition really highlights the amazing results our team has achieved.



Using Facebook Instant Experiences to drive campaign actions

Facebook Instant Experience allows brands to create unique experiences for users made up of text, images, carousels, video, product feeds and more. We worked with The Ramblers to create a compelling journey to spur interested audiences to complete an ‘Email your MP’ action which could influence the upcoming Agriculture Bill and help ensure funding to protect public right of way in the countryside.

The Instant Experience journey used inspiring outdoor imagery in combination with video testimony from farmers and volunteers, and compelling copy to drive campaign actions and capture the details of engaged visitors as fundraising leads for The Ramblers. Collected via Facebook Lead ads, these leads would ensure that the campaign produced value beyond the passage of the Agriculture Bill.


Maximising engagement with precision targeting and a test-and-learn approach

One of the key considerations of the campaign was getting the most possible value from the ad spend available, which meant being very careful when it came to selecting our target audiences. While The Ramblers needed to corral support from a wider section of society than their existing supporters, we needed to find people who would be inspired by the cause.

Manifesto proposed seven target audiences, and one remarketing audience, to test in the early stages of the campaign, including people with interests in outdoor activities and adventures, people who work in agriculture, environmentalists and conservationists, people with an interest in complementary organisations, and people who’d recently visited The Ramblers website.

We then tested video ads, instant experience ads and lead ads with each of these audiences, putting the remaining budget behind the combinations where we saw the best response.


Exceeding campaign targets by 38%

The strategy we created and the Facebook Instant Experiences we designed helped the campaign reach a total of a quarter of a million people, resulting in 3,470 emails to MPs – beating the targeted number by 38%! The campaign also generated 1,219 leads for The Ramblers’ database of potential supporters and lots of valuable insight to inform future campaigns, like which of the audiences was most likely to convert, which were the cheapest to reach via advertising, and how to optimise tracking and reporting across channels.


The winners of the Campaign Tech Awards will be announced on Wednesday 5th June – wish us luck!

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