(Re)introducing the Agile for Agencies meetup

We’re delighted to announce that we recently took over the meetup group Agile for Agencies – London. This is an excellent meetup group instigated by the fabulous Laurence Bascle.

Michael Rawling

In the past we helped host a couple of the events:

Continuous Creative Integration: creativity on the Agile journey – a hands-on workshop led by Matt Roadnight;

and the follow-up Continuous Creative Integration (cont’d): UX & Product Design, led by Michael Rawling (pictured above).

We thoroughly enjoyed both of those sessions and were pleased to be able to facilitate the evenings with a location (our studio) and some liquid refreshments.

Taking the helm

As a digital agency that loves Agile and that thrives in learning environments we were very excited when Laurence suggested we should take over the running of the meetup when she stepped down.

The meetup is set up to adhere to the Agile values of collaboration, interaction and continuous improvement and is aimed at anyone who works in or with Agencies.

Last night we had our first taster of running the meetup and we used it to… socialise get some insights. We asked our meetup pioneers for their thoughts about what they did or didn’t like about past events and mixed these (along with some well mixed cocktails) with what they’d like to see more of in the future.

Happily we wrote down most of what they had to say (as some points of the night are a little blurry today) and we now have plenty of thoughts on where to take the group and who we should be inviting to speak at future meetups.

Become an #agile4agencies pioneer

So if you’re reading this and you work in or with agencies, are interested in Agile and like a learning as part of a group in a relaxed, social atmosphere then do join the group to get alerts for upcoming meetups.

Hopefully I’ll see you there – although I may have one less cocktail next time!

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