A Skeptic Starts with Twitter

Well I’ve been running after that social bandwagon for a while now, so it seems the time has come to try and jump on board.

There was a suggestion in the office that I should run the Manifesto Twitter account for a week; but being such a newbie that was a sure fire way to send me running in the opposite direction!

However, not one to shirk a challenge I thought rather than dive straight in I’d try dipping my feet in a little first.  So a month or so ago I created my own Twitter account @brummieanna and have since been trying to figure it out how it all works.

Following from the front

Choosing who to follow was my first issue.  I decided to go for a few well known sports stars that interested me, mostly athletes, a smattering of dance-related celebs, and the odd work related contact for good measure including of course @manifestovstech.

Then I waited to see what snippets of interesting chat my chosen Tweeters would come up with.

Having decided to follow one particular sprinting superstar I encountered what I found to be really quite annoying….Retweets! This chap got my follow because I thought I’d quite like to know what he’s got to say, and what he’s up to.  I don’t want to know about what all his other Twitter followers are up to.  So I ditched him.  Only to discover later, it’s possible to turn off the retweets.  Well no one told me, so he remains for now in my Twitter history.

Tweet it, don’t speak it

Then in July we had the Manifesto Team Day. I turned up relatively early so thought it appropriate to tweet about my arrival and how it was a lovely sunny day, perfect for some away day fun.  I got a reply! How exciting!

…From my boss…less than 20 metres away from where I’d parked my car.

Is that what it’s all about? No need to speak face to face: let’s Tweet.

No Tweet retreat

I’m still a little bit in the dark as to what I myself should be tweeting about but I will persevere.

Trying to come up with some interesting is tough! What do people want to read about?

My other problem though is I simply forget to check.  I mean, how is this possible, that I forget to even open the app on my phone which is sat right next to all the other apps I use every day, several times a day?  And when I do remember I’ve got pages and pages of Tweets to scroll through.

So if you’re reading this, why don’t you get in touch@brummieanna or @manifestovstech and you can enlighten me.

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