Looking back at our Spring Drupal Sprint

Spring Drupal Sprint at Manifesto

On Saturday we opened the doors of the Manifesto studio once more to developers, site-builders and testers for a one-day sprint of Drupal contribution.

An experienced bunch

We managed to attract seven attendees to this sprint. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to bring in any first-time contributors. But the upside to having a room of experienced contributors was that very little introduction or setup was needed before people could start tackling issues.

In fact, everyone was quite skilled – though in different ways. We all just cracked on with issues which interested us personally, without a specific sprint topic or focus.

Pizza + coffee + laptop = code

Office manager Ryan bought a lot of pizza to keep our Drupalists fuelled and productive. Attendees seemed to interpret the quantity of cheese and bread as some kind of challenge and devoured almost all of it. Sorry, I mean, converted it into code.

Losing track of what we did

We were using the tag SpringSprintLondon2017, but incompletely. There are 6 issues which have this tag but I know we worked on more issues than this during the day. It seems that only three out of the seven attendees actually used the tag.

This doesn’t really matter – after all, we still did the work – but it would be encouraging to see how our efforts bear fruit over time.

A regular appointment

After two successful Drupal Sprints we’ve decided to make this a regular quarterly affair. We’re also considering opening up to other open source technologies, so that the next sprint will probably be a joint one with WordPress and Joomla.

As usual, all will be welcome. The best way to get alerted to the date and time of the next sprint is to join our mailing list.


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