SXSW we’re coming to get you…

So, here it is, the trip that’s been a year in the planning – and what a year!

As I write this, as the advance party, I’m 35,000 feet above the Atlantic, headed for Dallas in a Boeing 747. This is an aircraft that celebrated 33 years in service this year. I wonder whether any of Manifesto’s Drupal implementations or WebCenter Sites installations will still be around then? I’m guessing technology may have moved on by then, but who knows… One thing that is for sure, we’ve got off to a fantastic start.

We’ve done some amazing work, hired some great people and had the privilege to work with some fantastic clients. I can certainly say that we’ve created a company that I’m massively proud of and, as The Manifesto says, really excited to work for. Thank you everyone for whatever part you’ve played in the Manifesto story so far.

It may be my imagination but there’s a distinct party atmosphere in the air on this flight – one of the busiest I’ve ever seen. There’s an interesting cross-section of business people, mixed with a lot more creative and, dare I say it, geeky-looking, types – I include myself in the latter btw. This is going to be an amazing trip.

Look out SXSW, we’re gonna rock your world…

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