SXSW we’ll see you next year…

That’s the sort of heading I might write with some affection if I’d been to SXSW interactive festival. A celebration of the great time I’d had and noting some of the things I’d seen that might just change the way we live our lives.

However in the case of this post that’s not what I’m doing. The closest I got to Austin Texas this year was following the constant stream on Twitter, the mixture of promotion, comment and opportunity. The lovers of Klout and doubters of Klout, the people who used Airbnb to find their room and the people that ended up in one of the worst hotels in Austin.

Instead we’ve been busy getting started, working, meeting people and making plans and one of those plans is that we’ll all be heading to Texas in 2013, so SXSW, we’ll see you next year. We’ll bring a present.

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