The thief of time

Another Saturday has just slipped away from beneath my feet, and what have I achieved? What did I want to achieve? Why do I want to achieve? I’ll say achieve one more time and then give you the definition.

Achieve – successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage.

I value Saturday. It’s my day to create my own agenda, learn something new, get something done that I haven’t been able to all week. But too many times I get to the end of this precious day and feel like I have nothing to show for it. I haven’t reached my desired plan.


I probably put too much pressure on myself, but nothing disappoints me more than an accomplishment missed.

And who’s to blame for this? Netflix, for being readily available to show Breaking Bad on demand? A friend, who said it’s ‘their round’ and they’ll meet me at the pub in 10? Topman’s 20% off sale?

No, it’s my arch-enemy. Procrastination. His timing is immaculate, just as I sit down to begin the task in hand. Which is usually trying to write a worldwide music masterpiece, or sometimes just a song will do.

He attacks us, distracts us, and makes us feel like we’ve got plenty of time, another time. He does everything possible to prevent us from achievement.

But now it’s our time to stand up and fight. It can’t ‘wait until next week’, even if he tells us so. All we need to do is begin (it’s that easy). You’ll feel good for it. And ultimately that’s my motivation for finishing something: a success that’s taken effort, skill and determination to get there, and the great feeling that comes with it.

I challenge you to finish something this Saturday (it doesn’t have to wait until then): a new business idea you’ve been meaning to develop; crafting a sketch of a beautiful little flower; a screenplay you’ve been meaning to rewrite; completing this week’s timesheets (private Manifesto joke).

Here’s something I finished on a Saturday. Ironically it’s a poem about procrastination.

Tidy mind

Everything’s in order
I’m ready now to work
I’ve double-checked each boarder
Where finger marks may lurk

All’s clear in my head
As I’ve straightened up the books
They run from A to Z
You’ll love how it all looks

I needn’t give a stress
There’s space now to think
Away from all the mess
I’m perfectly in sync

So firmly hold my pen
As if a part of me
But can’t remember when
I last had a cup-of–tea

My thirst is now suppressed
There’s no room here to fail
Though it seems I have a guest
The postman with the mail

Bills are overdue
It’s imperative I pay
Lunch and one more brew
Now I’m ready for the day

Though something feels unclear
A blockage in the mind
I’ve heard that drinking beer
Helps one become refined

Creativeness my friend
It’s time to reminisce
But three pints down the road
And I really need a piss

They say a well-fed brain
Makes a man a winner
So before I go insane
I better have my dinner

I knew that I’d succeed!
With pride I have some words
Though on a second read
They do seem quite absurd

The clock has jumped ahead
With not even a warning
It’s sadly time for bed
I’ll continue in the morning.


Picture credit: Vic, Creative Commons 2.0 Generic

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  1. Bab says:

    Challenge accepted!

  2. Scott says:

    Great post Ryan, it reminds of this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P785j15Tzk

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