This Christmas we’re saying I Ain’t Buyin’ It!

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We’re working hard to be mindful of how sustainable we are as a company, and where we can be more kind to our environment. With Christmas around the corner, we thought it was a great opportunity to share our thinking, which led us to our I Ain’t Buyin’ it campaign!

Last year, an estimated 103,000 tonnes of plastic waste was unwrapped on Christmas day and sent straight to landfill. A portion of that plastic waste came from the dreaded Secret Santa gift giving.


The Secret Santa dash

Let’s face it, when it comes to the office Secret Santa, most of us probably dash out at lunchtime to quickly buy a gift from a pop up Christmas shop, matching the budget and being vaguely appropriate for our colleague. All whilst leaving enough time actually eat lunch. Meanwhile a fellow colleague does exactly the same thing for you – how thoughtful?!


What’s the alternative?

This Christmas we’re ditching that dash towards plastic tat, and saying “I Ain’t Buyin’ it!” Instead, we’re choosing to spend that time and energy enjoying the company of our colleagues.

Now we know that you’re going to be the office Scrooge if you’re telling everyone you’re ditching Secret Santa this year – so we’ve crafted a persuasive argument for you to get your team onboard.


You’ve got your team onboard!

Ok, so you’ve signed everyone up to this alternative thinking – what are you going to do instead? We’ve got a couple of suggestions to maintain that festive spirit, including games and simple ways to let everyone know just how special they are.

The most important thing is to spread the joy. If we can get more people enjoying each other’s company this year, instead of sinking money into plastic tat, the world will be a better place in many more ways as a result.


Thinking of getting involved? Use hashtag #iaintbuyinit to spread the message! We even have some handy images for you to decorate your social posts with. Built on a carbon emission light website, you can feel good sharing the campaign.

Check out I Ain’t Buyin’ it to share your presence this Christmas.

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