vlog Episode 1: Hero, Hub, Hygiene with Jon Wilks

Jean Claude van Damme does the splits to demonstrate Hero, Hub, Hygiene. Sort of.

What is Hero, Hub, Hygiene and how can it be used to make your content marketing better? For this episode of the vlog, I invited my mate Jon Wilks into Manifesto’s front room for a chat about a content framework that was championed by YouTube. But it’s an incredibly useful way to think about content across any media, not just video. We also show HHH in practice, as we revisit our work publicising Carl Frampton’s IBF title defence against Chris Avalos for Cyclone Promotions, a campaign which involved lots of bite-sized, social media-friendly content for boxing fans.


Here’s Jon’s article on HHH for the Guardian, and here’s my own take on Hero, Hub, Hygiene (from the perspective of charitable organisations).


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