WebCenter Sites Architect / Administrator Training

We’re now offering a course of WebCenter Sites 11g training for architects and admins. This 2 day course will equip knowledgeable attendees with the deeper insights that enable them to contribute architectural decisions around a WebCenter Sites implementation.

We are happy to deliver this course on-site, at our offices in central London or at a mutually convenient location. To register your interest just fill in the form on this page.

We also deliver a course of WebCenter Sites Developer Training.


It is assumed that someone attending this course has a solid appreciation for how things are currently done in their organisation so that valid architectural insight can be created when comparing to WebCenter Sites.

Attendees should understand the core concepts of java, tag libraries and object oriented design. They should also have an appreciation for web infrastructure setup and the concepts associated with authentication and caching.

Your trainer

Curtis Fox – CTO and Co-Founder of Manifesto

The UK’s most experienced WebCenter Sites consultant, Curtis has been a solution architect working with the product for over 15 years. With a wealth of experience he has created publishing solutions for organisations across the globe.

His recent projects include launching the National Trust’s website on WebCenter Sites and working with Avios on product upgrades. Before starting Manifesto Curtis was a Senior Principal Consultant at Oracle for Web Experience Management.


At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the architecture of the WCS product
  • Design and Create a Best Practice WCS Asset Model
  • Design and Create a Best Practice WCS Rendering Model
  • Design an effective WCS caching strategy
  • Use the Support Tools effectively to analyse a WCS installation
  • Administer a WCS installation using the Administration Tools
  • Understand how to size and tune a WCS installation for maximum performance
  • Understand the WCS authentication model and LDAP integration

Course outline

1. Introduction to Webcenter Sites Architecure

  • What is WCS? – CS Servlets
  • Architecture – Components of the software stack
  • Environments – What are the recommended environments?

2. WCS Installation

  • Location of Components
  • Location of install media
  • Deploying the application
  • Post installation procedures
  • Securing WCS


  • Basic LDAP Integration
  • LDAP Configuration
  • Roles, Sites and ACLs
  • Flat vs. hierarchical

4. Satellite Server Install

  • Architecture
  • Installation
  • Tuning

5. Caching

  • Architecture overview
  • Cache manager
  • Resultset Cache
  • Pagelet Cache
  • InCache
  • Asset Cache
  • Cache tuning

6. Property Files

  • Location and contents of property files
  • Property Editor

7. System Maintenance

  • System Folders and Tables
  • Backups
  • Environment preferences
  • Starting & Stopping the servers
  • Configuring for Global Sites
  • Cache tools
  • Proactive Support
  • Fine Tuning

8. Support Software

  • CatalogMover
  • Sites Explorer
  • Support Tools
  • Installation
  • Functionality
  • Tricks and Tips

9. Troubleshooting

  • Introduction
  • Installation and Upgrades
  • General Publishing Failures
  • General performance problems
  • Approved assets
  • Content Refresh
  • References

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  1. sowmya says:

    Whats the price for this training and how do we enroll for it?

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