WordCamp London 2017 – Introduction to Agile

Jim Bowes at WordCamp London 2017

This year’s WordCamp London,held at London Metropolitan University, 17 – 19 March, was a great event with a really inclusive atmosphere. The WordCamp organisers always do such a good job of making these events reflect the ethos of the WordPress community – one which is built on sharing knowledge to do things better and help everyone develop their skills.

Introducing WordCamp to Agile

Given the makeup and enthusiasm of the WordCamp attendees, I’m always excited to talk there. This year I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to deliver my Introduction to Agile talk, tailored for a WordPress-centric audience.

Lots of WordPress developers are still working with waterfall-style project management methodologies where all the requirements gathering for a project happens up front before any development can take place. Agile methods, by contrast, see cross-functional teams working to gather requirements alongside development so that working software can be released faster. Agile also makes it easier to incorporate changes to requirements.

The talk went down well:

Since the talk, I’ve received requests to share the slide deck. So here it is.

If you’d like to experience the full effect of Manifesto’s 2.5hr Introduction to Agile talk, we’re running another one, presented by Simon Bates, on Wednesday 12th April. (And if that date has passed, check our upcoming events – it’s a semi-regular thing.)

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